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This book has an  extroardinary way of tell students adout drugs. If i had  a chance to tell a group of students about this book I will, this book gets deep bown into the life of drugs ,and the things It can do to the human body . It also give the students a great insight about hanging out with a crowd of friends that do drugs is not the coolest thing to do. that you are better off by yourself.Here part of an  entry  from her diary   

August 3
Bill hadsix kids over to his house last night. His folks had gone to the city so they wouldn't be back till one or two. they wete all going to trip on acid, and since i'd been cooped up for so long I decided i might as well take one last trip too. Im certanily not going to useanyof the stuff when I get home. Ot was groovy even greater than others. I don't see how each trip
can be better than theone before, but they are I sat for hours, examining the exoticness and magnificence of my right hand Icould see the poreseach blood vessel was a fascination into itself and my mind still fultters with the wonder of it all,this book will keep  the readers wanting to know more.