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Sade's Digital Portfolio

Personal Statement

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Sade Harmon





      Olympia College needs studenta with strong commitments to their communities, academics and character. As a student a Phoenix Military Academy, i have exhibited allof these traits As a community memder, i plan and execute an annual Valentine"s Day Dance for a nonprofit group called Little Brithers Friends Of The Elderly.  As a Student of Phoenix Military Academy I love doing hand on things with the citizen of chicago and my volunteer work was my way of fullfilling that  goal, which lead me to this career. The program at your school that caught my eye was the Massage Therapy ,this help provide myself with the basic knowledge ,tools, ethics and behaviors that will enable me to succefully practice as an massage therapist  in a varity healthcare setting  this school will indepth my education skills and specialized techniques of massage. A well balance of academic knowledge, technial expertise, clinical skills ,and manual dexterity. Phoenix Militray Academy taught me to challenge my mind that is why I pick Olympia College to help me futher me skills.