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Career Paper

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Sade Harmon
American Literature



                             My Future Plans


My name is Sade Harmon and my career is Crime Scene Investigator. The way I got this idea was about one year ago when me and my family was watching television, the show CSI (crime scene investigator) had just came on at about 7:30 that night the show had its own way of showing team work, each member on the team have a special that they are very good, and it made me realize that this job is very exciting and fast moving, and every body need each other talent to solve the case.

This job require a lot of responsibility from all its workers, so that the lives of any victim. You will need a College education, Bachelors Degree. Most will only allow an Associate Degree. Many college students take up course for training(many hours of crime scene investigation schooling, Analysis & Pathology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Math skills) these are just a few basic

The earnings that a Crime Scene Investigator will make between $65,000-475,000 without any overtime. This type of investigator goes on daily seeing one or a few victim at a time. The thought of seeing dead bodies will stop many people from going in to the career. To me begin able to find out about a person who is not able to speak for him/herself and putting together the last moments of their the life, so that this person can rest in peace is very exciting to me. Crime Scene Investigator job need a person to look out side the box ,to find something a normal person will look over. The health benefits sometimes change but they do cover the Investigator and his family from month to month.

Crime Scene Investigators do not only find out about dead bodies, but also about types of drugs, from Motrin aspirin to Marijuana (weed). These jobs also get into the workers personal life. Because of then work the person does many find that very intimidating, and believe that they can’t handle it and back out of the relationship, mainly because the investigator has a fear that one day when they go off to work that the victim they will de looking at will be the one they are in a relationship with, that’s why many of them stay out of the dating scene.





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