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Sade's Digital Portfolio

Journalism Application

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Service Learning Editor/Asst. Editor


            My name is Sade Harmon and I am Service Learning Editor/Asst. Editor. This job requires a lot of responsibility and time. As an Asst. Editor I have to write about all the service learning activities around Phoenix Military Academy such as The Clean in Green  which is controlled by our beautiful Sgt. Powell  ,and The Friends of the Elderly    controlled by our lovely Ms. Cosby. For this job you will have to learn to type more than three words a minute and you will also need to know how to use Microsoft word. This job also requires criticism. You can’t be scared to tell someone if things are wrong (Anything). I had to use criticism on someone very close to me, my uncle Red. This happened on September 17, 2005, my father’s birthday a day where you are to come in class and style. He walked in the party looking like a total bum; I nicely stated that there is a time and a place to look like a bum and that is at home. He smile and side ok and I quoted to him before he went into the house. “A clean body is a happy body”. I bet he understand next time is goes to a party.