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Sade's Digital Portfolio

Letter to Oprah

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Phoenix Military Academy

145 S. Campbell

Chicago Il 60612


September 14,2005

                                                                                                                     1058 W.Washington


Dear, Mrs.Winfrey


          Hi, Mrs.Winfrey my name is Sade Harmon. I’m 18 years old ,I live on the Southside of Chicago. I’m a senior at Phoenix Military Academy. I’m writing you this letter to inform you about a special event that all Chicago Public Schools have ,and it will be approaching very soon and we will be honored if you will be our principal for a day. You are a great person, I have seen you do amazing things you can do to improve the way of life  for younger children in a ruff community and teach them to always live by positively. In order for them to live a better life ,I and my fellow senior classmates was hoping that you can make Phoenix Military Academy a better place for the younger students behind me.

          Phoenix Military Academy was once located at 730 N. Pulaski rd, at Orr High School but we are an independent school was determine to get a place to call our own. A bumpy road it was but now we are located on 145 S. Campbell. We notice that it is a ruff part of Chicago ,we also understand that we will de surround around a lot of negativity, but that not going to stop a group of strong children and young adults from  getting their High School education.

          Oprah Please think about begin our principal for a day so that you can show Phoenix Military Academy that you can change something ugly into something Beautiful. 



           Sade Harmon


          P.S Thank you for taking time out of you busy schedule to read my letter.